You are the sum of your experiences and everything starts with a first time. 

Join the 30 Day Facial Expression Challenge

In preparation for the highly anticipated First Time Storytelling Virtual Summit, we are kicking things off with a 30 Day Facial Expressions Challenge. The First Time Storytelling Virtual Summit brings together an international lineup of experts and speakers to teach you how to become a personal storyteller and why storytelling matters. Storytelling is the most compelling, engaging, memorable and effective way for you to communicate who you are with others, and make deeper connections with

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Six Reasons (First Time) Storytelling is the Key to Your Dating Success

The vast majority of my dates pre-coronavirus involved partaking in activities. Bonus points, if we did something new or for the first time. This was to ensure I would get something out of the date, even if the person couldn’t hold a conversation or wasn’t interesting, fun, or entertaining. I implemented this general rule after suffering through too many coffee, lunch, and dinner dates where the conversation was typical, repetitive, and boring. Dates that turn

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The Benefits of First Time Storytelling: Positively Impact Your Life

Hopefully, in Part I, of this two-part series, you took away the first benefit of first time storytelling; which is, that it’s a powerful way for you to express and share who you are in a clear, concise, meaningful, and engaging fashion. However, that is not the only substantial benefit to first time storytelling. In fact, there are an additional four incredible advantages to becoming a first time storyteller.  Watch the Video on the Benefits

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Becoming a First Time Storyteller: Can it Positively Impact Your Life?

I was well into my 30s by the time I realized I didn’t know how to make human connections. In other words, no one really knew who I was. I put little to no effort in communicating and expressing myself. Then, an event shook me. That’s when I discovered I desired better relationships with the people in my life. Likewise, I wanted to more easily connect with anyone I met. It became clear a large part

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