First Time Story


We work with local, national, and International brands, organizations, and businesses across multiple sectors and industries to invite their customers to remember their first times/first experiences with them and tell their stories about it. We call it First Time Story Testimonials™.

Imagine during these unprecedented times how awesome it would be to have amazing videos and images of your customers sharing their first experience stories with your brand, organization, or services across yours and their social media accounts?!

A good testimonial serves as “social proof” to on-the-fence customers. We live in an age where people read peer reviews before visiting a restaurant or before signing up for a service. People like to hear about the experiences others have had. No one wants to hear you brag about your business. It’s easier to have happy customers sell your business for you and we do it through inspiring people to have their own first time experience with you!

How it works


We will assist you and your marketing team to launch a successful campaign to engage your clients/customers and recruit volunteers interested in sharing their first time stories. 


Once the volunteers are identified, we will take over, and help those volunteers outline, craft, and record their stories. 


As a third-party provider, we will ensure their stories are not influenced, manipulated, or coaxed in any way. However, they will work closely with our First Time Story (FTS) Coaches to hone their storytelling skills in order to tell impactful stories.

First Time Story Testimonials™ are timeless.

First Time Story Testimonials™ can outline the growth of your business throughout the years.

First Time Story Testimonials™ provide you your customers’ first impressions.

First Time Story Testimonials™ let you know what brought your customers back.

First Time Story Testimonials™ allow new customers to discover what you have to offer.

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