First Time Storytelling Broadcast with Meghan Pherrill

First Time Storytelling With Meghan Pherrill: Swimming with the Sharks

In this episode, Ann spoke with guest Meghan Pherrill, a meditation and yoga teacher. She is also the creator of Balance by Meghan. She shared the story of her first time going cage diving with sharks in Hawaii.

Meghan’s story begins with her love for Shark Week, a series on Discovery Channel. Water and the ocean in general appealed to her, as does warm weather. She never had any fears of diving into the sea, unlike many other people. Meghan loves dolphins, but whenever Shark Week came around, she admired the sharks’ beauty. So, on her trip to Hawaii last year, she knew she had to go cage diving with sharks. As it so happens, Ocean Ramsey who is world-renowned for free diving with sharks, including great white sharks, operates One Ocean Diving, LLC in Hawai. Her husband was hesitant but knew that cage diving with sharks was her dream.

Diving In and Swimming with the Sharks

The morning of their dive, Meghan could not have been more excited. They arrived at the marina in Oahu and learned that many of the dives were cancelled because of rough waters. This upset her, but the divers were ready to go if she was okay with the bumpy ride. They joined a group of other tourists and went out into the water. Finally, they made it 500 meters out into the water. Meghan could see shark fins everywhere she looked. There were no Great White Sharks, but many Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks. The guides put Meghan and her husband into a cage and tossed them out into the sea of fins.

Sharks off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii

The water was freezing and very rough. She and her husband were banging into each other like they were in a washing machine. But, the sharks did not disappoint. There were 12-14 sharks swimming by the cage. Her husband even reached out to feel one of the sharks, and said it felt velvety. Meghan’s adrenaline was flowing; she had never seen creatures so big in the water before.

Reflecting on the Experience

The entire diving experience was surreal. Meghan had yearned to swim with sharks for so many years that when she finally got to, it had a strong impact on her. Meghan had never imagined she would actually get to dive with the sharks and felt accomplished for not letting go of her desire.

“It was the most profound experience because I wanted to do it so badly, and I actually did it.”

-Meghan Pherrill

She felt both excited and peaceful watching the majestic beasts float by in the vast ocean. Meghan pursued her obsession and made her dreams of swimming with sharks come true. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and she hopes to dive with Great Whites next time in Australia or South Africa.

You can learn more about Meghan and her yoga business on her Instagram, Facebook, and website.

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