Solkey Pre-Sale Package


The Solkey Pre-Sale Package includes (1) Solkey NFT (air dropped once minted), (1) Signed by the author copy of How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller and (1) 30 Minutes First Time Storytelling Coaching Session with Ann.


Solkey Pre-Sale Package

Being a guinea pig is the solution and the key to our evolution.

The Solkey avatar is meant to represent being or growing into someone who is curious, open-minded, inquisitive, willing to learn, ask questions, do research, seek personal growth, self-improvement, and push human evolution. I want to make it an image that packs a major punch to those who own it and look at it.

There are 150 Pre-Sale Solkey Packages available. The offer is this, for $100 you get

  1. One of the Solkey Avatars (to be minted once our marketplace is established). You will get to pick your Solkey Avatar while everyone else who buys into the collection after will be randomly assigned their Solkeys.
  2. An autographed copy of How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller book,
  3. A 30-minutes First Time Story Coaching Session. If you don’t want the coaching session, you can have a 30-minutes ask me anything (AMA) or chat with me instead.
  4. As 1 of the first 150 to buy into the Solkey Collection, you will also get access to the pre-pre sale of the first Robots and Aliens drop. We will put up (5) five of the Robots and Aliens NFTs into a pre-pre sale auction only accessible to those who bought into the Pre-Sale Solkey Package.
  5. You will get to select/design a trait for one of our follow-on avatar collections. The first 50 will select a trait for the second avatar collection, the next 50 for the third avatar collection and the final 50 for the fourth avatar collection.

You will also get all the benefits of owning a Solkey Avatar listed below.

Additional Benefits of Owning a Solkey Avatar

Buying into this collection makes you 1 of the first 10,000 believers, supporters, and initial funders.

Your profile on the What it Means to Be Human platform will be branded with a special badge that identifies you as an initial funder and member.

Buying into the Solkey collection is the only way to access the pre-sale of the initial Aliens and Robots drop. We will put up (15) fifteen of the Robots and Aliens NFTs into a pre-sale auction only accessible to the Solkey Avatar holders.

You will receive a 25% discount code that never expires for all First Time Storytelling services and entry fees to all future events we host.

You will always be grandfathered into any benefits associated with future avatar releases and features added as we build out the What it Means to Be Human platform.

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