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First time story slam

A First Time Story Slam is a storytelling competition where people have five (5)
minutes to share a first time story based on the theme/category provided.

First Time Story Slams are being held monthly in two cities and online
It is an Open Mic format, meaning the storytellers are selected the night of the event, anyone can take to the stage and share a story that fits the category. The stories will be evaluated by three judges based on the criteria established in the How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller book.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three storytellers at each event.

First Time Story slams For May

The Theme for May is Sport Firsts

Any sport related first time such playing, competing, or attending a sporting event. Team sports, individual sports, indoor and outdoor sports, water sports. Focus is on sports not fitness.

All stories MUST BE First Time Stories

Maximum of five minutes

Las Vegas

San Diego


May 25th, 2022 @7pm

May 26th, 2022 @7pm


Upcoming Events

June Music FirstsAny first musical firsts such as playing an instrument, attending a concert, music festival, or musical performance. .

July Travel FirstsAny travel first experiences to include first time in a country, travel mishaps, sightseeing tours, visits to memorials, etc

August Animal FirstsAny first pet or first time event with a pet, or animal related first (first time encountering, hunting, or riding an animal.)


September Education FirstsAny first times related to attending or applying to school, learning, and getting an education.

October Chores Firsts – Any first times related to indoor and outdoor chores from childhood to adulthood.

November Art Firsts – Any first times related to learning and making art, and experiencing art through art galleries, museums, plays, and movies.

Submission Requirements

Participation Requirements: To take the stage as a storyteller at a one of our First Time Story Slam events you will need to signup upon arrival and let us know the title/theme of your story so we can verify it fits the category for that month. When more than 10 people signup, competitors who qualify, will be randomly selected.

  • Story must reflect the theme
  • Story must be true and a first time to the best of your recollection
  • It must be your own personal story – you are a/the central character
  • Story should be about five minutes long
  • No notes, no props, music – just you and the microphone

Use of profanity is discouraged. Any offensive or abusive language or derogatory content will result in an immediate disqualification.  The use of First Time Story Coaches is authorized and recommended to help prepare you to take the stage!

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