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First time stories from people of all walks of life. Discover what you can learn from the stories of others.

First Time Storytelling with Ronit Plank: Wicca Coven Gathering

In this episode, Ann spoke with guest Ronit Plank. She produces the podcast And Then Everything Changed and authored the memoir “When She Comes Back”. Ronit shared the story of the first time she ever went to a giant community Wicca Coven gathering at a Unitarian Church when she was in college. Childhood “Ro-neet” is the correct pronunciation of Plank’s Israeli first name. She spent

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First Time Storytelling with Darian Parker: The Mushroom Revelation

In this episode, Ann spoke with guest Darian Parker, host of Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast. He shared the story of his first time taking mushrooms and experiencing spiritual awakenings. Parker’s story begins in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was running a luxury gym. One of his buddies was researching the benefits of mushrooms and talked to him about it. Intrigued, Darian began looking into

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